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Bluehost Review

BlueHost Web Hosting ReviewMid-Large Web Hosting Service Provider

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BlueHost Hosting has been on the verge of breaking into the top tier of the largest web site hosting service providers but has leveled off in recent months. This is the Web Site Hosting Reviews review of Bluehost web hosting. Previously we rated Bluehost among the ranking group of hosting providers "who could be giants". BlueHost, along with Hostgator and Yahoo Hosting are the leading candidates to reach the top tier in terms of size, where presently giants Go Daddy Hosting (GoDaddy) and 1and1 Hosting, the European giant reside. How did BlueHost do it? Good, responsive and helpful technical support. They are not the only hosting service with good technical support, built up a pretty good reputation. Of late, however, we have seen some glitches in their support. With an industry as complicated as Internet web hosting, it is not surprising that support makes a difference to a lot of people - including the Web Site Hosting Reviews blog. So, we will monitor their support and revise this review as we see necessary. BlueHost has received a variety of awards. The hosting awards seem to grow on trees for hosting companies, becoming meaningless. However in the case of Bluehost hosting, there has been some merit to the praise, but whether that can continue with their growth will be a test.
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Bluehost Hosting offers a wide range of the typical hosting services, including Free Setup with plans, a lot of storage space and bandwidth, E-Mail Accounts, SSH, Perl, MySQL, FrontPage Extension Support, Fantastico script library, Web Site Builder, limited free marketing, shared hosting, dedicated web servers, mySQL database support, CPanel control panel, Windows and Linux hosting. BlueHost Internet web site hosting also offers shopping carts, SSL support and secure e-mail.

Some people have described BlueHost as for tech-savvy webmaster's. Their technical support staff sometimes will speak with you at a relatively high level. However, they also will explain things to the relative novice to web marketing, web development, and Internet programming and set-up. Of late we have seen glitches in their tech and customer support however; we will update this review further with our findings.

Founded in Utah, in 1996, BlueHost is a relative institution in the web hosting industry because of its longevity. What is most striking is they were relatively unknown until mid-2003, when they started to experience rapid growth. From almost nowhere to a top 10 or top 5 host ranking in a matter of 3 years. This shows that the Internet and the website hosting industry moves at light speed when the word gets around. And with BlueHost, the word has gotten around. The rapid growth has brought a few speed bumps along the way, as with most hosters, but the BlueHost hosting management has dealt quite well, which has led to pretty solid customer satisfaction ratings.

What BlueHost says:
BlueHost is here to secure your business. We are confident we can provide you with the highest level of support with our friendly and patient support staff waiting to address your needs. Our veteran hosting team knows what it takes to be the best and how we can help make your site a success.

We view this as a down-to-earth recognition that for most people their website is a business, even if a hobby-business. Businesses want no-nonsense service, BlueHost usually understands that.

Web Site Hosting Provider Data:

Name: Bluehost Hosting
Category: Web Site Hosting Provider
Service Plans: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers
Control Panel: CPanel
Fantastico: Yes
Customer Support: Good
Full .htaccess Control: Yes
E-Commerce Features: Yes
Guarantees: Yes
Price: Mid

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