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A review site discussing web hosting and information is founded at Web Hosting Sites - The aim is to provide in depth articles on web hosting services directed towards beginning - mid range webmaster skill levels, with articles about different types of web hosts and domain registrars, among others.

Top 10 Web Hosting - Largest

Top Ten Largest Web Hosting Providers

This is the first of our Top Ten 10 Web Hosting lists. The publicly available data on the top 10 largest hosts is not very reliable, with conflicting claims aired. We have researched data on sites hosted, traffic and other subjective factors and arrived at the following Top Ten largest Web Hosting providers. Of course, size does not necessarily equal best when it comes to web hosting, and we encourage you to read our web hosting reviews and articles on web host selection criteria in selecting or changing a web hosting service. For another good list see the Top Web Hosting list of Web Hosting Reviews, which also has news on web hosting services and Internet issues. In addition, we recommend you try looking at at least three of the web hosting services listed, to get a feel of their pricing, service and features, before making a selection.

This Top Ten list has brief reviews and banners where you can access the sites, including specials if they are running them on the landing page. First, a summary list of the Top Ten Web Hosts, ranked by our estimation of largest size:

Here is the full list, with brief reviews. Explore the different hosts to find the best fit. Hosting & Servers
1. Go Daddy Hosting: Largest web host by number of domains hosted. Shared and dedicated hosting. Windows and Linux hosting. No CPanel. No Fantastico.

Trusted by over 6 million customers.
2. 1&1 Hosting: 1and1 Hosting is a giant in the European market and top 10 in the U.S. market. Inexpensive domain name registration. Shared and dedicated hosting. Windows and Linux hosting. No CPanel. No Fantastico.

3. Yahoo! Web Hosting: Growing web host from the largest player on the Internet. Emphasizes reliability. Runs periodic special pricing plans.

4. HostGator: HostGator has grown to become the largest independent web host. Read HostGator Review. Shared and dedicated hosting. Windows and linux hosting plans. Unlimited plan. CPanel control panel and Fantastico scripts available.

Bluehost Web Hosting $6.95
5. BlueHost: BlueHost is one of the fastest growing web hosting providers. Although we have ranked them number 7, on our Top 10 Largest Web Host list, they may already be higher ranked than that. Read BlueHost Review. ASP, PHP, Perl, FrontPage, SSH hosting in shared and dedicated hosting plans. Windows and linux hosting plans. Fantastico scripts available and CPanel control panel.

6. Network Solutions: NSI formerly had a virtual registrar monopoly on .com domain names, and with that became the largest or one of the largest web hosts. With the opening up of the domain registration market to competition, Network Solutions' market share has shrunk. Presently considered a good quality hosting service, but at a high price.

7. iPowerWeb: iPowerWeb is one of the original innovators in multiple domain hosting on a single plan. A few years ago typically there was one domain per plan, now the standard is 6-10 domains per plan. iPowerWeb hosts over 700,000 websites and provides low-mid priced options. Windows and linux hosting, shared and dedicated hosting plans. Vdeck control panel.

Dedicated Servers from $99/mo
8. Aplus.Net: Aplus.Net is another of the established players in the web hosting business, a recipient of several CNET hosting awards. Unix and Windows plans available,, as are shared and dedicated plans. 80+ function control panel.

9. HostMonster was probably the fastest growing web host last year. We expect that they will rise into the Top 10 list soon - based on their popular unlimited website hosting plans.

 StartLogic - Affordable Webhosting
10. StartLogic: StartLogic is another of the rapid risers. Expect them to move up on this Top Ten Largest Web Hosts list in the future. Shared and dedicated hosting on either Linux or Windows platforms. Control panel is Vdeck and preconfigured scripts are available.

Up and coming:

Netfirms Web Hosting
Netfirms Web Hosting: Netfirms hosts over 1.2 million websites and caters to small businesses. Boasts an inexpensive starter plan and full-featured Advantage and Business plans. Windows and linux hosting plans. Control Panel XL6.

Check back for the Top Ten Best web hosting providers.

Hostgator Review

Hostgator Web Hosting Review
Mid-Large High-Quality Web Hosting Service Provider

HostGator Hosting is among the largest web site hosting service providers. This is the Web Site Hosting Reviews review of the HostGator web hosting services.

HostGator is among our favorite shared or dedicated hosting providers, if not our favorite host. Their structure is geared towards providing a relatively high-performance hosting especially for shared hosting services. We are not saying you always will achieve faster access for a HostGator hosting hosted web site, but chances are they will be among the best performing. How do they do that? Good careful policing avoiding spam providers, pricing to benefit quality sites, and great technology. For most webmasters this is the key combination - which is why HostGator hosting is among our favorites.

In our review of the leading web hosting providers, we rated HostGator hosting within the hosting providers "who could be giants". HostGator, along with aPlus Hosting, Host Monster and StartLogic hosting are the leading candidates to reach the top tier in terms of size. Yahoo hosting has broken into that group, where previously only Go Daddy Hosting (GoDaddy) and 1and1 Hosting, the European giant resided.

HostGator provides industry leading technical and customer support, leading to great loyalty among their customers. Their pricing plans provide a lot of sites, and at a mid-level pricing. The HostGator bandwidth tends a bit lower than some of the super discount providers, but the benefit is really good site performance, since servers are less likely to be clogged with spam sites. That is pretty important for shared hosting, since the practices of sites sharing your server can affect site performance. HostGator hosting is among the best at monitoring spam practices. Their technical department is also renowned in spotting bugs in hosting software shared by other hosting services too, making HostGator the leader in the hosting field.

Take A Look, HostGator Web Hosting:

HostGator Hosting offers a very wide range of hosting services, from dedicated hosting to shared hosting. What distinguishes them as well is that HostGator has a reseller plan in which other hosters use their servers and tech support, but different branding. The mix results in a major player in the web hosting field. Among the HostGator shared and dedicated hosting services are free setup for hosting service moves, good storage space and bandwidth on their mid-level plans, SSH, e-mail accounts, nice control panel, Perl, MySQL, FrontPage Extension Support, Fantastico script library, dedicated web servers, mySQL database support, ASP hosting Windows and Linux hosting.

HostGator hosting was founded in 2002 and rapidly rose to the top tier of quality shared hosting service providers on quality and top tier customer service and tech support. That enabled HostGator to rapidly expand into reseller plans, making them the destination for numerous other hosting service providers.

What HostGator says:

Hostgator is a privately owned company founded in 2002 that has no debt, is very profitable. ... We provide service to over 400,000 websites on our shared and reseller plans. We are the world's leading provider of reseller accounts with over 10,000 resellers who have chosen us to provide the network, servers, and support required to launch a hosting business.

HostGator provides a huge hosting network infrastructure based out of the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area. Their slogan is The best host. The best network. The best choice. For hundreds of thousands of websites that has been the HostGator choice so far.

Web Site Hosting Provider Data:

Name: HostGator Hosting
Category: Web Site Hosting Provider
Service Plans: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting
Control Panel: Proprietary / CPanel
Fantastico: Yes
Customer Support: Good
Full .htaccess Control: Yes
E-Commerce Features: Yes
Guarantees: Yes
Price: Mid-Range
Performance: Excellent


Bluehost Review

BlueHost Web Hosting Review
Mid-Large Web Hosting Service Provider

* Updated *

BlueHost Hosting has been on the verge of breaking into the top tier of the largest web site hosting service providers but has leveled off in recent months. This is the Web Site Hosting Reviews review of Bluehost web hosting. Previously we rated Bluehost among the ranking group of hosting providers "who could be giants". BlueHost, along with Hostgator and Yahoo Hosting are the leading candidates to reach the top tier in terms of size, where presently giants Go Daddy Hosting (GoDaddy) and 1and1 Hosting, the European giant reside. How did BlueHost do it? Good, responsive and helpful technical support. They are not the only hosting service with good technical support, built up a pretty good reputation. Of late, however, we have seen some glitches in their support. With an industry as complicated as Internet web hosting, it is not surprising that support makes a difference to a lot of people - including the Web Site Hosting Reviews blog. So, we will monitor their support and revise this review as we see necessary. BlueHost has received a variety of awards. The hosting awards seem to grow on trees for hosting companies, becoming meaningless. However in the case of Bluehost hosting, there has been some merit to the praise, but whether that can continue with their growth will be a test.

Take A Look, Bluehost Hosting: Web Hosting $6.95

Bluehost Hosting offers a wide range of the typical hosting services, including Free Setup with plans, a lot of storage space and bandwidth, E-Mail Accounts, SSH, Perl, MySQL, FrontPage Extension Support, Fantastico script library, Web Site Builder, limited free marketing, shared hosting, dedicated web servers, mySQL database support, CPanel control panel, Windows and Linux hosting. BlueHost Internet web site hosting also offers shopping carts, SSL support and secure e-mail.

Some people have described BlueHost as for tech-savvy webmaster's. Their technical support staff sometimes will speak with you at a relatively high level. However, they also will explain things to the relative novice to web marketing, web development, and Internet programming and set-up. Of late we have seen glitches in their tech and customer support however; we will update this review further with our findings.

Founded in Utah, in 1996, BlueHost is a relative institution in the web hosting industry because of its longevity. What is most striking is they were relatively unknown until mid-2003, when they started to experience rapid growth. From almost nowhere to a top 10 or top 5 host ranking in a matter of 3 years. This shows that the Internet and the website hosting industry moves at light speed when the word gets around. And with BlueHost, the word has gotten around. The rapid growth has brought a few speed bumps along the way, as with most hosters, but the BlueHost hosting management has dealt quite well, which has led to pretty solid customer satisfaction ratings.

What BlueHost says:

BlueHost is here to secure your business. We are confident we can provide you with the highest level of support with our friendly and patient support staff waiting to address your needs. Our veteran hosting team knows what it takes to be the best and how we can help make your site a success.

We view this as a down-to-earth recognition that for most people their website is a business, even if a hobby-business. Businesses want no-nonsense service, BlueHost usually understands that.

Web Site Hosting Provider Data:

Name: Bluehost Hosting
Category: Web Site Hosting Provider
Service Plans: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers
Control Panel: CPanel
Fantastico: Yes
Customer Support: Good
Full .htaccess Control: Yes
E-Commerce Features: Yes
Guarantees: Yes
Price: Mid


MidPhase Review

MidPhase Hosting Review
Mid-Size Web Hosting Service Provider

This is the Web Site Hosting Reviews blog review of MidPhase web hosting. MidPhase Hosting is a mid-sized web hosting service provider, that experienced heavy growth in 2003-2005 and now is maturing. MidPhase Hosting was founded in 2003, and skyrocketed on the basis of their technology, pricing and responsive customer service. This growth enabled two acquisitions in 2004 including the acquisition of ANHosting, a relative industry veteran. We previously reviewed ANHosting and follow the link for that review. MidPhase Hosting presently boasts hosting over 40,000 Internet websites in over 140 countries.

Take A Look, MidPhase Hosting:

midPhase - Cheap Web Hosting

MidPhase hosting offers a variety of service plans to fit different size users. Their pricing is in the Low-mid range. Their plan offerings include muli- and unlimited domain shared hosting plans, virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated web servers. Both Linux and Windows hosting options are available.

MidPhase Hosting gives some assurances to new users and transferring webmasters. Their customer service has been responsive in assisting with domain and website transfer. MidPhase Hosting provides a web site design tool to assist new Internet webmasters, and also using their Unix (or Linux) hosting plans the Fantastico script library is provided, allowing for quick and easy installation of popular scripts for forums, blogs, galleries, wikis, calendars, portals and so on. More experienced Internet webmasters are provided a range of development tools, whether under Windows (PHP, Perl, ASP.Net, MySQL, Access) or Unix (PHP, Perl, MySQL) hosting plans.

MidPhase web hosting like ANHosting web hosting, provides the CPanel control panel, which is popular in providing a clean clean and intuitive user interface, which also is widely familiar.

MidPhase Hosting says its mission is to "provide the absolute best web hosting by focusing on speed, price and reliability." MidPhase web hosting provides a lot of its shared and dedicated hosting philosophy on their site:

An idea and no money.

It started with an idea and less than two thousand dollars. It grew to thousands of customers, in hundreds of countries. From no revenue to millions in annual revenues.

In May of 2003, two college students working from different locations came together with the idea to start a web hosting provider that provided reliable solutions at affordable prices. At the time, there were plenty of hosting providers offering hosting services at under ten dollars a month, but there was a serious lack of business-reliable hosting in that price market, which is what became the focus for midPhase.

Provider Data:

  • Name: midPhase Hosting

  • Category: Web Site Hosting Provider

  • Service Plans: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Windows Hosting, Unix / Linux Hosting Plans

  • Control Panel: CPanel

  • Fantastico: Yes

  • Customer Support: Good

  • Full .htaccess Control: Yes

  • E-Commerce Features: Yes

  • Guarantees: Yes

  • Price: Low-Mid


ANHosting Review

AN Hosting Review
Mid-Size Web Hosting Service Provider

This is the Web Site Hosting Reviews review of ANHosting, a mid-sized web hosting service provider. ANHosting was founded in 2001, making it a veteran of the personal and small business web hosting service provider industry. Their name has become relatively venerable for good customer service. In 2004 AN Hosting was acquired by a larger hosting service provider, MidPhase hosting who this web hosting review blog also has reviewed (follow the link). The acquisition enabled continuing the ANHosting brand and providing a larger backbone for the hosting and customer service.

Take A Look, ANHosting:

Web Hosting by AN Hosting

ANHosting has a reputation as a destination for webmasters and websites deciding to switch hosters. The advantage is they have experience with helping webmasters move the files and databases that make up a hosted website, and also in patience for learning a new control panel. ANHosting says that over half their new customers have switched to ANHosting from another website hoster. Their promise is to do most of the "dirty work" for the webmaster making the move, including a free domain name transfer if that is needed.

For new users, ANHosting is assuring for newbies to website hosting services. Their promise is no knowledge of computer code is needed and they will make "running a website point & click". Their all inclusive hosting package is also directed to making the web hosting experience relatively seamless.

ANHosting web hosting also provides a custom CPanel control panel, which is popular partly because it promotes ease of use, via a clean and intuitive icon based user interface. Fantastico also is provided to make installation of dozens of the most popular PHP packages fast 'n easy.

Web Site Hosting Provider Data:

Name: ANHosting
Category: Specialized Web Site Hosting Provider
Service Plans: Shared Hosting, mega-plan
Control Panel: CPanel
Fantastico: Yes
Customer Support: Good
Full .htaccess Control: Yes
E-Commerce Features: Yes
Guarantees: Yes
Price: Low


Largest Web Hosting Providers

Part I

We have done some research on the Largest and Best web hosting providers, and here is the list coming out of that research.

This is a semi-objective, semi-subjective list. I make no claim of including all the largest, just the ones I found and decided to include because I could reasonably well verify their stats.

Is largest necessarily the best? Absolutely not. In fact a number of the largest hosting services have been criticised. However, you do not become large without also being really good or really reliable.

So, without further ado, here is the most authoritative ranking of Web Hosting companies ever ... not really, but it's a nice list. We will be adding to this list and adding more lists as other hosting companies grow.

GROUP I - The Giants.

These are the mega-companies that have a lot of customers. So, you will find a lot of criticism of them on the 'net. After all, on a proportional basis the largest are bound to frustrate or outright annoy more people than an unknown.
  • Go Daddy Hosting: Undoubtedly our most controversial call. You can't go to a web hosting review site without finding people complaining about Go Daddy (GoDaddy). Again the law of proportions at work. Are they the best because they are the largest? Maybe, maybe not. I know the answer (*wink*). Wait until the review, it will have some super-secret surprises!

  • 1and1 Hosting - The European giant, also know as 1und1 Hosting.

GROUP II - They Could Be Giants

  • HostGator Hosting - rapid growth
  • BlueHost Hosting - another recent riser
  • iPowerWeb Hosting
  • Net Firms Hosting
  • Hosting
  • Host Monster Web Hosting
  • Yahoo Hosting - the giantest giant comes to dinner
  • DreamHost Web Hosting
  • StartLogic Web Hosting
  • Network Solutions Hosting - another giant
GROUP III - Up and Comers (continued in Part II)

Group III - Largest Web Hosting Services

Part II

This continues our ranking of the largest web site hosting service providers. Groups I and Groups II of the largest web hosting providers are in the post above.

GROUP III - Up and Comers
  • LunarPages Web Hosting
  • Hosting (Affinity)
  • HostRocket - Hosting Solutions
  • PowWeb Hosting
  • ValueWeb Hosting (also Affinity)
  • ix Web Hosting
  • Dot 5 Hosting
  • iPower Web Hosting
  • BlueGravity Communications Hosting
  • midPhase Web Hosting
  • InMotion Hosting
  • AN Hosting
  • Hosting
  • Web Site Hosting

Web Hosting Terminology

One of the things I wanted to accomplish in creating this blog is to help people figure out the way around a lot of the potholes in selecting a web hosting service. One of them is blackholing of some shared hosting providers. I will be writing a lot more on the subject of how to choose the a web hosting service in this blog.

Here is a list of some important web hosting terminology, and I will provide further updates in the future:

1. Shared Hosting: This refers to sharing a server with a number of other customers of a web hosting company. They will locate a number of their customer accounts on a single server. This can result in hundreds of websites being hosted on a single server. If some of them are particularly busy this can result in performance degredation for the remaining sites. This is one of the major drawbacks of shared hosting. Another drawback is less flexibility because there may be some limitations on the programs you can run because the server's resources must be shared. Of course shared hosting is less expensive - a major advantage.

2. Virtual Hosting - see Shared Hosting

3. Dedicated Hosting - The hosting company supplies the server and all equipment, and some software. However, the server is not shared with any other customers, so the customer has complete control over the bandwidth usage.

4. Co-Location Hosting - The customer buys equipment, including the server box, and then supplies it to the hosting company. The hosting company provides the backbone resources, plugging the server into its network, power supply and Intenet pipe. The host manages the infrastructure and the customer the rest. A hosting company also can offer management contracts to its co-location customers as add-ons.

5. Blackholing: Often hosting companies develop a bad reputation as being sources of spammers or excessive resources. As a result, their IP addresses may become banned or otherwise marked by some users, such as by enterprises or by search engines. One result is that e-mail from the IP addresses is blocked automatically. It is difficult to determine if a hosting company has been blackholed, but you should ask before signing up.

Choosing The Best Web Hosting

Here are a few factors to consider in choosing the best Web Hosting provider for your web sites. The most important will surprise you. We are not going regurgitate (uh cogitate) factors of declining importance like bandwidth or disk space. And remember bigger is not always the best! Here’s why:

Most Important Factors in Selecting Web Hosting Providers

Control Panel – This is the page you will see over and over as you modify, monitor and otherwise operate your websites. It should be easy to access and use. Make sure you can look at screen prints of the hosting provider’s control panel before signing up to make sure you are comfortable with it. We like cPanel Control Panel’s ease of use and clean arrangement, but there are other alternatives.

Customer Support - Yes you want this. Some hosting service providers are better at customer support, and we believe good customer support is extremely important. Some of the fastest growing web hosting providers have gained reputations for good customer support and some of the declining providers have customer support complaints. How do you figure out which hosting provider has good customer support? Well keep checking back here and we will tell you in our reviews as we roll them out!! Oh, 24/7 support has become the industry standard.

Fantastico or an equivalent: Helps a lot with loading programs or scripts.

Other Factors

Disk Space - How much disk space do you need for your site. If you are not hosting videos, 5-10 GB normally is more than enough. Most web hosting providers we have surveyed provide way more than this now, so disk space is a factor of declining importance - unless you have a huge website. If you grow huge, paying a few extra bucks/month won’t be a problem!

Bandwidth / month - This is another factor of declining importance. Again, the bandwidth provided is skyrocketing. If anything, you may want to consider ultra-high offerings, like over 500GB/month, as a negative if you want shared hosting. This is because it is likely that offering such high bandwidth can diminish server performance on a shared server.

Uptime - A very important factor. However, there are no reliable statistics on server uptime. So look for your web hosting provider to at least guarantee the standard 99% uptime, but in reality that is meaningless since it is practically impossible to enforce.

CGI Bin - Another declining factor since it has become a standard offering. This allows you to run your own scripts and programs. So, if your hosting service does not offer this, make sure you know what you are doing.

FTP Access - Always go with a provider who provides unlimited access, another industry standard.

Bandwidth Size - How Important Is It in Choosing a Hosting Provider?

As I begin rolling out my site reviews, you will find that I will not place much if any emphasis on the disk space provided or the bandwidth/month provided by the hosting service. Why? The amounts have become so high that for most webmasters, these numbers really are not too significant any longer. If a website becomes so popular that bandwidth is becoming an issue, congratulations, you have a hit!

These days bandwidth is CHEAP. So web hosting companies are providing more bandwidth than most people ever will need for their websites. So, if you are starting out, do not put much weight on the amount of bandwidth provided. If you already have sites, you know exactly what you need.

Another thing to consider with shared hosting, is that if you start using up too much bandwidth, or CPU, you should be moving over to dedicated hosting. Some shared hosting providers will suspend your site or insist you move to dedicated hosting when you become that large anyway.

Welcome To My Web Hosting Review Blog Site

Welcome to my new web site hosting blog. Here I will post my reviews of domain and web hosting websites, such as BlueHost, HostGator, Yahoo,, and others. I also will talk about my favorite features of hosting providers, and a good process to follow in selecting a web hosting provider for a webite, or a new provider if you are pissed off at your present provider! So come back regularly for my reviews, and I also will be posting articles that I write or that I find that may be of interest in domain name registration and the domain registration insdustry.