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Hostgator Review

Hostgator Web Hosting Review
Mid-Large High-Quality Web Hosting Service Provider

HostGator Hosting is among the largest web site hosting service providers. This is the Web Site Hosting Reviews review of the HostGator web hosting services.

HostGator is among our favorite shared or dedicated hosting providers, if not our favorite host. Their structure is geared towards providing a relatively high-performance hosting especially for shared hosting services. We are not saying you always will achieve faster access for a HostGator hosting hosted web site, but chances are they will be among the best performing. How do they do that? Good careful policing avoiding spam providers, pricing to benefit quality sites, and great technology. For most webmasters this is the key combination - which is why HostGator hosting is among our favorites.

In our review of the leading web hosting providers, we rated HostGator hosting within the hosting providers "who could be giants". HostGator, along with aPlus Hosting, Host Monster and StartLogic hosting are the leading candidates to reach the top tier in terms of size. Yahoo hosting has broken into that group, where previously only Go Daddy Hosting (GoDaddy) and 1and1 Hosting, the European giant resided.

HostGator provides industry leading technical and customer support, leading to great loyalty among their customers. Their pricing plans provide a lot of sites, and at a mid-level pricing. The HostGator bandwidth tends a bit lower than some of the super discount providers, but the benefit is really good site performance, since servers are less likely to be clogged with spam sites. That is pretty important for shared hosting, since the practices of sites sharing your server can affect site performance. HostGator hosting is among the best at monitoring spam practices. Their technical department is also renowned in spotting bugs in hosting software shared by other hosting services too, making HostGator the leader in the hosting field.

Take A Look, HostGator Web Hosting:

HostGator Hosting offers a very wide range of hosting services, from dedicated hosting to shared hosting. What distinguishes them as well is that HostGator has a reseller plan in which other hosters use their servers and tech support, but different branding. The mix results in a major player in the web hosting field. Among the HostGator shared and dedicated hosting services are free setup for hosting service moves, good storage space and bandwidth on their mid-level plans, SSH, e-mail accounts, nice control panel, Perl, MySQL, FrontPage Extension Support, Fantastico script library, dedicated web servers, mySQL database support, ASP hosting Windows and Linux hosting.

HostGator hosting was founded in 2002 and rapidly rose to the top tier of quality shared hosting service providers on quality and top tier customer service and tech support. That enabled HostGator to rapidly expand into reseller plans, making them the destination for numerous other hosting service providers.

What HostGator says:

Hostgator is a privately owned company founded in 2002 that has no debt, is very profitable. ... We provide service to over 400,000 websites on our shared and reseller plans. We are the world's leading provider of reseller accounts with over 10,000 resellers who have chosen us to provide the network, servers, and support required to launch a hosting business.

HostGator provides a huge hosting network infrastructure based out of the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area. Their slogan is The best host. The best network. The best choice. For hundreds of thousands of websites that has been the HostGator choice so far.

Web Site Hosting Provider Data:

Name: HostGator Hosting
Category: Web Site Hosting Provider
Service Plans: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting
Control Panel: Proprietary / CPanel
Fantastico: Yes
Customer Support: Good
Full .htaccess Control: Yes
E-Commerce Features: Yes
Guarantees: Yes
Price: Mid-Range
Performance: Excellent


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